5th Annual Mentoring Match

The 5th Annual Mentoring Match was held on February 10, 2018 at EVMS. Similar to last year’s format there was a panel composed of practicing physicians that discussed career planning and each panelist discussed their individual paths toward becoming a physician. The panelist were Dr. Katrina Carter, Dr. Angela Mercer, Dr. Fred Quarles, Dr. Derwin Gray, and Dr. Imhotep Carter. Unlike last year and previous years, there was a second panel.

This panel was comprised of senior minority medical students. Words of wisdom were imparted to the premedical college students that wee in attendance.

Following the panel discussion, all of the attendees and participants formed smaller groups which were called “families”. Each family consisted of premedical students, medical students, residents and/or participating physicians.

Its is hoped that these families will communicate on a regular basis. Thus the line of communication and availability of mentoring would span from the college student to the practicing physician.