Times are different during Covid-19

The novel corona virus Covid-19 has certainly changed all of our lives in many ways. Social distancing and masks wearing are two obvious alterations that we are faced with on a daily basis. As May has approached, in person graduations are a thing of the past. We are forced to find creative ways to celebrate these important milestones.

Below you can see a picture of our January 23rd business meeting held in person at Norfolk Community Health Center. Our guests were Dr. Micheal Knight, Regional director for NMA’s Region II and M.D. Candidate Stafford Brown , III, President of the SNMA at EVMS. The next pictures are of the zoom meeting that we used to celebrate the graduation of the minority fourth year medical students instead of the in person reception usually held at a restaurant. The zoom meeting was held on May 13th and as you can see there were quite a few students, administration staff of the Diversity and Inclusion department of EVMS and members of the medical society in attendance. As experienced physicians the members of the medical society imparted words of wisdom to the three graduating seniors, Carrie Sartor, Veronica Wright and Jacqueline Melvin.

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