Mentor Match Event

On September 26, 2013, 30 plus African American medical doctors participated in the inaugural mentoring network event held at Eastern Virginia Medical school. The purpose was to expose minority medical students to minority physicians that practice in various specialties. After a brief program, students and mentors were paired in a rotating fashion with a certain amount of time to talk with each physician. This way each student was able to speak with each physician and were later paired with a mentor that they would work with for this year-long program.IMG_0851.JPG

Since that time, the medical society and Eastern Virginia Medical School, through their department of Diversity and Inclusion, have co-sponsored annual mentoring events. The program has been successful in facilitating exposure of the medical students to active local medical practices. The program has also allowed more minority primary care physicians to become mentors in the medical school’s Longitudinal Generalist Mentoring Program.

Plans are being made to expand the mentoring program to include pre-medical students from local colleges and universities.