3rd Annual Holiday Social

Our third annual Holiday Social was held on November 14th, 2019. It was truly a family affair. In attendance were members of the medical society and minority medical students from EVMS. We also had a few guests that were relatives to some of the members. Our host, again, was Dr. Brian Johnson and, as in previous years, the event was held at Virginia Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center.


Dr. Bradley Johnson, Dermatology Resident and our host, Dr. Brian Johnson, father and son
Dr. Stafford Brown, Jr. and son, Stafford Brown III, medical student candidate
Dr. Donna Lapeyrolerie and her sister



Dr. Vernita Peeples and her daughter



SNMA medical students and Mr. Gemeda, VP of Diversity and Inclusion at EVMS



Dr. Stephanie Marioneaux



Dr. Fred Quarles












Click the link to see how much fun it was:

Holiday Social 2019


Pathways to Medicine Forum

January 12, 2019 was the date of a new collaborative effort between the Department of Diversity and Inclusion at EVMS, our medical society and 200+ Men. Hampton Roads Committee of 200+ Men is a local organization that promotes education, economic development and justice, and community betterment. They started in 1997 and currently have mentoring programs for young African American males. The seminar entitled “Pathways to Medicine” included mini cases presented by minority male students at EVMS; a talk by Dr. Thomas Kimble, Assistant Dean of Admissions at EVMS and a Financing Education workshop for the parents presented by Reginald Corinaldi, president of Financial Security Management.

The interaction between the male mentees aged 13 and up and the male medical students was priceless. Dr. Frederick Quarles and Dr. Imhotep Carter represented our medical society presenting the welcome and a “Journey in Medicine” respectively.


Holiday Social

Our 2nd annual Holiday Social was held on November 15, 2018. Cosponsors included EVMS, SNMA and Dr. Brian Johnson, as well as our medical Society. The event was held, again, at Virginia Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center.

Medical students and medical masters students from EVMS and Hampton University were invited. The turnout was tremendous!

Community physicians were asked to depart some words of wisdom. Mr. Gemeda, VP of the department of Diversity and Inclusion of EVMS spoke as well as the president of SNMA, Shammah Okai.

The attendance this year surpassed that of last year. Again, there was ample time to enjoy the delicious food planned by Dr. Donna Lapeyrolerie, as well as time to mingle.


6th Annual Mentoring Event

October 20th marked our 6th annual mentoring event with the department of Diversity and Inclusion at Eastern Virginia Medical School. This event was a little different than previous years because it was planned by the medical students and included workshops relevant to enrolling in medical school.

As in previous years, community physicians were asked to give their individual stories and words of encouragement and guidance. Premedical students were invited to attend and participate as well.


5th Annual Mentoring Match

The 5th Annual Mentoring Match was held on February 10, 2018 at EVMS. Similar to last year’s format there was a panel composed of practicing physicians that discussed career planning and each panelist discussed their individual paths toward becoming a physician. The panelist were Dr. Katrina Carter, Dr. Angela Mercer, Dr. Fred Quarles, Dr. Derwin Gray, and Dr. Imhotep Carter. Unlike last year and previous years, there was a second panel.

This panel was comprised of senior minority medical students. Words of wisdom were imparted to the premedical college students that wee in attendance.

Following the panel discussion, all of the attendees and participants formed smaller groups which were called “families”. Each family consisted of premedical students, medical students, residents and/or participating physicians.

Its is hoped that these families will communicate on a regular basis. Thus the line of communication and availability of mentoring would span from the college student to the practicing physician.


Holiday Social


In November, the Medical Society, in conjunction with the Student National Medical Association (SNMA) at EVMS, held a holiday reception. All minority medical students and Medical Master’s students at EVMS and Hampton University were invited.

Our kind and generous cosponsors within the society were Dr. Donna Lapeyrolerie and Dr. Brian Johnson. Dr. Johnson offered to have the event at his new building on Lowery Road in Norfolk, the Virginia Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center.

There was a great turn out and ample opportunities for the doctors to give their inspirational stories as well as mingle and chat with the medical and pre medical students.


Town Point Club Reception: New Minority Medical Students at EVMS

On September 19, 2017, there was a reception co-sponsored by The Department of Diversity and Inclusion, The Student National Medical Association Chapter of EVMS and The Greater Norfolk Medical Society of South Hampton Roads. The goal was to provide a venue conducive to socializing between established minority physicians and the minority medical students at EVMS. Notably, there was an increase in the number of minority students accepted into the first year for the class of 2021, including seven African American males.

Everybody enjoyed meeting the new students and we had new minority faculty members and practitioners in attendance as well.



Graduates’ Reception

A reception to honor the graduating minority medical students was held at Town Point Club on March 27th in the evening. This event was held after the match program so that all of the students in attendence knew which residency program they would be attending in July. This event was a fun time for all involved.

4th Annual Mentoring Match

One February 18, 2017 the 4th Annual Mentoring Match event was held at EVMS. Once again, GNMS cosponsored the activity. Many minority medical students and physicians were in attendance. A few of our members participated on a panel discussing pertinent issues that related to minorities in medicine. The event provided ample time for mingling and mentoring as well.